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Re: Toshiba laptops & Debian

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On Wednesday 21 May 2003 03:28 am, Torbjorn Pettersson wrote:
> Niels Heinemann <niels@ortschmiede.de> writes:
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> > howdy.
> >
> > Torbjorn Pettersson <tobbe@strul.nu> wrote:
> >   >  All toshiba  keyboards, but for  one I  used 5 years  ago, have
> >   > been "broken".
> >
> > i wrote of  it - but in my  portege 4010 it seems to  be fixed. it's
> > about a half year old. but if you recognize that behavior ...
> >
> >   >  There is  a small  patch for pc_keyb.c  in the  kernel floating
> >   > around which fixes this
> >
> > ...  xkbset  does  the  job  too.  there  are  various  howtos,  see
> > linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/
>  Note that:
> 1) It is not in debian/stable
> 2) It s an X program, so there is still the console
>  Sure, the problem is fixable, but my gripe with it is that if I
> were paying out of my own pocket for a laptop, I would choose a
> product that I didn't need to hack to get basic functionality,
> like working keyboard, out of, unless it had very significant
> advantages in some other regard.

This is *really* interesting.  My buddy just picked up a Toshiba and 
installed Libranet on it.  It works very well, but this keyboard issue is 
driving him mad.  I have never seen it, but he reports that he has a very 
hard time doing email and things like that since the keys spaz out.

My question is where is that keyboard hack?  Where is the x program that 
could possibly solve this issue?  I would like to help him fix it so he can 
use it more in Linux than that other OS. ;)  Right now, with xfree86 4.3 I 
xkb[tab tab]:
xkbbell   xkbcomp   xkbevd    xkbprint  xkbvleds  xkbwatch

BTW, the components that were included in this laptop were all supported out 
of the box by Linux.  The cdrw/dvd-rw, sound chip, lan, Nvidia video.  These 
laptops are very nice.  All this, and the store gave him $100 instant coupon, 
$100 rebate (instore), and a free printer.  It's hard to knock these units 
with all the nice things that are now included.

Thank you.

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