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Re: I fried my Sony Vaio PCG-FXA678

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On Wednesday 30 April 2003 03:55 pm, Manuel Saavedra wrote:
> Hi,
> For no particular reason I ended up using XandrOS, a Commercial Debian
> (Woody)-Based distribution. I successfully installed it on my Sony Vaio
> PCG-FXA678 (The Latin American version of PGC-FXA53).
> However, last week I was working on my laptop when suddenly it just turned
> off. Any attempt to power-on again was futile. I had to take it to the Sony
> Repair Center. They just told me that my motherboard & processor are fried.
> There was no electrical over-current (and I was connected to a surge
> protector) and I had activated the ACPI support via the XandrOS control
> panel.
> Thank you,
> Manuel Saavedra, Mexico City

Hello Manuel.  I have not suffered a loss of my computer, but two things you 
need to monitor:  setting your laptop on clothing, papers etc can cause the 
loss of critical cooling air to the CPU.  This can cause the system to fry if 
it doesn't have thermo shutdown working.  When I use my laptop on my lap, the 
little vent in the bottom is blocked, therefore, it always gets very hot.  I 
don't let it completely over-heat, but I usually can only use it this way for 
about 1-2 hours before it becomes too uncomfortable.

Next, and this is what surprised me, is that when I installed the ACPI 
functionality, I seem to have lost the fan support.  I am not wording this 
well.  The fan *never* turns on now.  I think it involves the system reading 
the internal temp incorrectly.  I have not yet dug deeply into the ACPI 
module that controls the temp but I think I need to find out how I can 
manually LOWER the temperature settings so that my fan turns on sooner to 
keep the system safely cooled.  Before I added ACPI, the system defaulted to 
APM.  With APM, my fan stayed on ALL the time, but it was unable to monitor 
my battery or power state.

Good luck to you.

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