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Re: Toshiba laptops & Debian

howdy tobbe

Torbjorn Pettersson <tobbe@strul.nu> wrote:

  > But both the  Portege 7020 and the Tecra T9000  had the keyboard
  > problem on the console also.

wow. that's ugly.

  > Linux for the masses, if one supports that concept, is not going
  > to happen until the hardware  vendors release drivers or patches
  > for  their "new  and  improved" hw  for linux  as  well, or  use
  > "standard" components so there is no need.

fully ack.

AFAIC it's  just that  - besides  the problem  with the  keyboard in
console use -  *no* laptop model will run out  of the debian (woody)
box. so  according to what  you said the hardware  vendors including
ibm and toshiba have to deal with the driver problems.

yours, niels

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