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Re: How many of you?

Hi Craig,

Craig Genner <craig@gennerfam.freeserve.co.uk> writes:

> Hello,
> 	Original poster here.
> I appear to have got the wrong impression from this list.  Most people who 
> replied don't have any problems installing on a laptop.

Yes.  Wonderfull, isn't it?  I didn't have problems in installing
Debian 2.2 (with updating to 3.0) on an i386 Lifetec (first model sold
by Aldi in Germany).  I neither had any problems in installing Debian
Woody and upgrading to Sarge on a ppc Powerbook.  (In fact, I used to
have PPCLinux on it, first, but had lots of problems with sound,
Powercontrol, ..., but with Debian, anything hardware-related worked
from the beginning.)

> The big sticking points seem to be APM/ACPI and (win)modems.  I'm not going to 

Thats right. I installed Debian Woody on an Acer Travelmate 212 TX.
Installation went well, but I still have problems in using all
functionallity like ACPI and the internal modem :-(  I would not
recommend those laptop.



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