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Re: ACPI on Compaq Presario 1400

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On Saturday 10 May 2003 03:18 pm, jeremy wrote:
> On Sunday 11 May 2003 1:12 am, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > This looks like it could be a lot of fun OR it could seriously hose my
> > system!  I am not overly concerned about damaging the system since I can
> > easily re-install if it leads to a worse case scenario :)  I am running
> > Libranet's 2.8 release which includes 2.4.20 kernel.  I had already
> > compiled a few kernels on my way to acpi functionality.  Therefore, I
> > have a symlinked linux directory pointing to kernel-source.  Would it be
> > wise to run a 'make clean' before I begin the patch?  Here is what I
> > *think* I understand--(while also attempting to comprehend 'man patch'):
> >
> > In /usr/src (as root) run:
> > patch -p0 linux patch/ck6_2.4.20.patch
> >
> > in /usr/src/linux (as root):
> >
> > patch -p1 * /usr/src/patch/020_int_030417_ck_2.4.20.patch
> >
> > & then:
> >
> > patch -p1 * /usr/src/patch/rmap15f_030416_ck_2.4.20.patch
> >
> > I am a little unclear about the kernel-source name on these, does a
> > wildcard '*' work or do I need something else?  If this looks like it
> > should work then I'll begin.  I repeat, I am a complete Gnuewbie when it
> > comes to patching, this is all new-2-me :)
> >
> > Thanks again
> looks good. yes, you can use wildcards if you like, just make sure you have
> the path name correct and wildcard the file name (I am sure you know that)
> as far as hoseing your system, / / / /snip
> Jeremy

I really am not sure I know all that.  This is where I am confused after 
reading your first email.  I haven't tried it yet due to this :)  I have 
never attempted a patch before, so step by step on the three patches would be 
a grand assist.  I've looked at some of the patch stuff, and it looks like it 
will touch several files, and I am asuming that somehow, patch knows how this 
works and proceeds. . .  If I can do this, I think I will put my own little 
howto together for some of the other locals that are in similar situations.

I don't have lilo here, it's grub, and it is completely automatic once I 
finish modifying the .config.  Then Libranet takes over, does all the 
compiling/grub'n and tells me I can boot whenever. . . shrug.. Kinda miss 
lilo though :)

I really appreciate the help Jeremy!

Wishing you well.

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