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Re: Screw non-free. Re: Searching a XML file specification for Debian files Re: Second call for votes for the debian project leader election 2004 Second list of suggestions for Debian 3.0r3 Seeking comments on PAM logging change Seeking help with cfs package A sensible plan for non-free Shared library naming and dashes's new feature: package searching some NMU candidates Source packages build with different set of patches spam closes Debian bugs! sparc buildd problem ssh login to Alioth Strange problems with subscribe SUBSCRIBE 734728 error sysvconfig -- A text menu based utility for configuring init script links Re: taking over elm-me+ tar: Creates corrupt filenames in archives testing and no release schedule testing security (was Re: testing and no release schedule Re: Re: Thanks! this account is not in use anymore Three letter language codes for package names? Traduction Express Gratuite Translating NEWS.Debian? TrueType font policy / best practices? udev device naming policy concerns Unidentified subject! Unknown problem report Bug#189806 (ello! =))) Unknown problem report Bug#31620 (beautiful) Unknown problem report Bug#97870 (^_^ mew-mew (-:) unstable in the middle of the Bokmal transition? unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe Unsubscribe successful update and underway to adopt: zope-zwiki Updated: kernel 2.2 packages cleanup updates to the base system packages list Re: Urgent coreutils/libc6? problem Vacation Notice Vexira Antivirus [your mail: "Mail Delivery (failure"] viewcvs NMUed to fix total breakage with modern Subversion Virtual package: flexmem VIRUS A Virus has been detected in your Email VIRUS RE: Re: Your bill Vote for April 1st? Weird - /proc is not mounted on boot Weird debootstrap output Re: What about /usr/share/locale. Was: Re: Packaging _still_ wasteful for many large packages Re: What about removing mozilla-snapshot from unstable as well? what happend to edd's debian karma? What is G.E.N.ERIC VI.A.G.R.A? What is left from woody (was: check for Sarge or Sid) Re: What the hell is happening to Debian ? (and FLOSS in general) When does a conflict become outdated? When is it acceptable to set Urgency: high on upload? Re: when will my watch be delivered? when will the release release (was Re: Desktop: XSane-0.89 ( Debian unstable) GTK-2 port, new GNOME & KDE Where to find old .changes files? Re: Who uploaded gnome-cpufreq-applet to archive? Who uploaded x-cursor-theme-jimmac ? why does bison hardwire /usr/bin/yacc to point to bison? Re: Why is package X not in testing yet? Wildform Flix Pro - Demo Version. Wildform Wild FX Pro - Demo Version. Willkommen Bei SI-REISEN GROUP Windows, Macintosh... Linux? WNPP scripts Wyniki skanowania systemu antywirusowego XFree86 4.3.0 and testing (was: when will the release release) Re: Re: Re: Your document RE: Re: Your picture (KMM11863712V14361L0KM) Re: Your text The last update was on 12:34 GMT Tue May 12. There are 2489 messages. Page 5 of 5.

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