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Re: Weird debootstrap output

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 11:57:50AM +0100, Torsten Landschoff wrote:

||  I am currently fiddling with debootstrap as I am building my own
||  installer for a stripped down Debian router system. My problem is that
||  debootstrap is freezing my terminal and I can't find out why. I captured
||  the output and catting it to an xterm yields the same result.
||  Interestingly it works fine on the Linux console and inside screen
||  as I just noticed. I still would like to know what's breaking xterm
||  in this output so if somebody wants to help or is curious please
||  have a look at
||  	http://people.debian.org/~torsten/debootstrap.capture

Primary suspect: an escape sequence doing something weird to your
terminal. And indeed:

    $od -Ax1 -tc debootstrap.capture | grep -B5 '\<033\>'
    006f90   .   6   6   -   1   )       .   .   .  \n  \n   S   e   t   t
    006fa0   i   n   g       u   p       c   o   n   s   o   l   e   -   t
    006fb0   o   o   l   s       (   0   .   2   .   3   -   2   3   .   3
    006fc0   )       .   .   .  \n   L   o   o   k   i   n   g       f   o
    006fd0   r       k   e   y   m   a   p       t   o       i   n   s   t
    006fe0   a   l   l   :  \n   N   O   N   E  \n 033   ]   R  \n   S   e

Looks like the console-tools setup produces an escape sequence.

Ciao.                                                    Vincent.

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