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Re: Who uploaded gnome-cpufreq-applet to archive?

El vie, 12-03-2004 a las 11:29, Martin Schulze escribió:
> Ond?ej Surý wrote:

> [...]

> > I hope I still know what I am doing, so I think that somebody didn't
> > honor my ITP and uploaded package without contacting me and even without
> > his own ITP.  I recommend this developer to read again Developer
> > Reference and especially Chapter 5.1 New packages.
> > 
> > I think this is unacceptable and offending package should be removed
> > from New queue.
> I believe you are way overreacting.  You should rather first fint out
> who made the other upload and than talk to the person.
> ITP: Feb 23, Upload Mar 9, your Mar 11.
> It's not that you uploaded the package right after you sent the ITP,
> but several weeks later.  If other people are in need of the package
> I could imagine that they don't want to wait any longer, especially
> since you haven't answered the question of teo if you had packages
> ready already.

Hmmm, actually he did but in a private mail which should have gone to

> Next step: Please talk to andrew to find out who will maintain
> this package in the future.

That would be ok. Enough noise already to find out who will maintain a
(little) package when a lot of our users want just need to use it.


"Res publica non dominetur"

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