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why does bison hardwire /usr/bin/yacc to point to bison?

I've got both `byacc' and `bison' package installed, and since there's a
/etc/alternatives/yacc entry, which I configured using
update-alternatives to point to /usr/bin/byacc, I though just typing
`yacc' should get me byacc.

However it doesn't, and it seems that bison instead just installs a
hardwired shell script as /usr/bin/yacc that invokes bison.

Is there any reason for this?  It seems broken to me...

[The reason I want to use byacc, BTW, is that there are some yacc files
in the linux kernel that don't work with bison, but do work with byacc
(and they require `flex-old' instead of `flex' too) -- yes those files
are bad, and should be fixed, but none-the-less....]


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