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when will the release release (was Re: Desktop: XSane-0.89 ( Debian unstable) GTK-2 port, new GNOME & KDE

Colin Watson wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 08:53:32AM -0800, Safir Secerovic wrote:
>> I mean if we (Debian desktop users) are waiting for almost 2 years for
>> new stable, it doesn't hurt to wait another month or two for these
>> apps to get packaged and stabilize, right?
> That's why it takes two years: there's *always* something it's
> apparently worth waiting for.


Well, personally, I think it's worth waiting for the removal from sarge of
all packages with older-than-a-really-short-time RC bugs in sarge.  But
that could be done whenever the will to do it arrived....  :-)

XFree86 4.3 should be in as soon as it builds and is uploaded on s390. 
There's no other new upstream version IMHO worth actually delaying the
release for.

There really mustn't be any open "This package is undistributable" bugs.
Thankfully these tend to get handled quickly.

The following (non-'pending') RC bugs, however, really need to be fixed
before release IMNSHO, since it's extremely reasonable to remove the
packages (and I did make a *very* limited list of packages):
223142 (db3, patched, maintainer won't allow NMU or fix)
223140 (db4.0, patched, maintainer won't allow NMU or fix)
231538 (libc6, annoying, complicated upgrade issue, probably requires woody
point release)
236066 (libc6-dev)
234347 (libc6-dev)
231972 (linux-kernel-headers)
231438 (locales, patched)
227691 (modconf, patched)
211644 (ssh, license issue with maintainer who isn't dealing with it)
231477 (util-linux, patched)
239514 (perl)
237724 (sysklogd, patched)
223210 (sysklogd, patched)
Plus the various "Contains /usr/share/info/dir.gz" bugs, but those are being
dealt with efficiently.

And the ones which must be fixed if specific architectures are to release:
239601 (cyrus-sasl2 -- for mipsel only, old config.sub/config.guess)
239670 (util-linux -- for mipsel only)
239864 (discover -- for mips only, bad libtool.m4)
228747 (util-linux -- for sparc only)
234691 (libc6 -- for sparc only)
234507 (libdb3 - for hppa only)

I've probably missed some other packages which are "can't release without
this working".

I think it's evident that there's a need for more RC-bug fixing in these key
packages.  :-(  But at least that isn't *that* long a list, and many are
quite easy to fix.

Of course, there's also debian-installer.
Partman could use a lot of polishing and libparted could use a lot of
bugfixes and improvements.
Arm, hppa, mipsel, s390, and various subarchitectures of m68k and powerpc
aren't really working yet.  (Some of this is due to the above partitioning
issues.) But i386, alpha, and ia64 are in *great* shape.

Really, the time of release seems to me to be a matter of how many buggy
packages people are willing to drop from sarge, and how many architectures
and subarchitectures people are willing to drop for sarge.  *shrug*

Make sure your vote will count.

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