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Re: Who uploaded x-cursor-theme-jimmac ?

Le lun 29/03/2004 à 19:49, Sven Herzberg a écrit :
> Am Mo, den 29.03.2004 schrieb Josselin Mouette um 19:09:
> > I have noticed a x-cursor-theme-jimmac package in the upload queue. Does
> > anyone knows who uploaded it? This theme is already in the
> > gtk2-engines-industrial package, and there is probably no need to have
> > it twice in the archive.
>   This was my fault, i forgot to add 'local' between dput and the
> changes file. I'm gonna check how one can configure dput to avoid
> contacting ftpmaster in such cases.

No problem. The point is that you may want to cooperate to work on
gtk2-engines-industrial. I'd like to make the mouse themes easily
available, but there is nothing currently to do that. GNOME has a gconf
key to set the theme and the settings-daemon sets it, but it's lacking a
capplet to configure the theme.
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