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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

Andreas Tille wrote:
>>>It is possible to check the origin of a request without restricting
>>>requests to DD. Why not?

> But in how far is restricting the ability to close a bug to DDs a
> restriction to the current usage.  Bugs will (normally) be closed by
> uploading fixed packages.  This can only be done by DDs.  Moreover
> a bug van be closed by the submitter - because he recognized that
> it was no real bug.  Tell me a reasonable (not only theoretical) case
> where it is important that anybody else closes a bug.

I did and I hope continue to be able to. OK?
For example I did with bugs that weren't.
For example I did with bugs that were fixed but not closed by changelog.
I do not wish to bug someone about signing every single mail to BTS.
Is it that hard?

If you do abolish the ability of non-DDs to operate on the bug system,
you start ruining the recruitment process.
If you have become a developer before doing something useful with the
BTS, maybe I should start a thread "The DAM creates accounts way too fast".



P.S.: This mail would have been less harsh if you hadn't entered this
thread with an "I've been ignoring everything you said, here's my
brilliant idea" type mail that basically restated the original starting
message of the thread. That's funny only iff it's on Dilbert (and I'm
more uncertain about if than only if).

Thomas Viehmann,  <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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