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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Thomas Viehmann wrote:

> I did and I hope continue to be able to. OK?
Sorry - this is not really OK, IMHO.

> For example I did with bugs that weren't.
I'd love to see the package maintainer to decide whether a bug is a bug or not.

> For example I did with bugs that were fixed but not closed by changelog.
This is nice of you but I do not really want to spend our users time for
fixing problems of lazy maintainers.

> I do not wish to bug someone about signing every single mail to BTS.
We do not talk about *every* mail but only <bug-nr>-done mails.

> If you do abolish the ability of non-DDs to operate on the bug system,
> you start ruining the recruitment process.
> If you have become a developer before doing something useful with the
> BTS, maybe I should start a thread "The DAM creates accounts way too fast".
Well, the BTS has more useful applications than closing bugs and thus you
are free to do a plenty of stuff with it.  You could even close those bugs
you might have opened by yourself. ;-)

> P.S.: This mail would have been less harsh if you hadn't entered this
> thread with an "I've been ignoring everything you said, here's my
> brilliant idea" type mail that basically restated the original starting
> message of the thread. That's funny only iff it's on Dilbert (and I'm
> more uncertain about if than only if).
You mal was not really harsh and I just introduced my first mail with
this sentence because a short browsing of the history gave no hint on
signed close-procedure which seams to be reasonable to me.  If I would
have overlooked a similiar suggestion I would have tried to use my
sentence as excuse. ;-)

Kind regards


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