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RE: spam closes Debian bugs!

Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Julian Mehnle (lists@mehnle.net) [040313 13:40]:
> > Not necessarily.  You could carry your private key with you on a USB
> > key.  Or whatever.
> Sorry, but I try to protect my private key. There are computers where
> I do QA work from (and send mail to the bts), but where I _won't_ plug
> into my private key. Because: If someone gets access to my private
> key, he can do a lot of damage.

Since when are plugged USB keys automatically shared throughout the network?  And since when can you not encrypt your private key with a passphrase?  Don't tell me the computer you store your private key on has no network/internet access.

> Well, and please become maintainer of at least one package before
> trying to enforce some restrictions on the way package maintainers can
> do their work. 

I knew that would come as soon as someone had the feeling he was losing the argument, but luckily I'm confident enough so I cannot be bothered by such elitism bullshit.  How would me being a DD or a package maintainer change the validity of my arguments?  This is a serious question for which I'd like to receive a serious answer.  Further, I invite you to show me where I was trying to enforce *anything*.

You yourself claimed that "there are some non-DDs who do just great QA-work".  Incidentally, I'm one of these, and I have reported and helped to debug numerous Debian bugs in the past, which I consider valuable QA work.  Besides, I may not be a DD or a Debian package maintainer, but I do have written non-Debian software and have used bugtrackers in the process, so I actually know what I'm talking about.

> Yes, you don't maintain any packages and don't do any QA work and
> don't be a DD. So please restrict yourself to speaking about things
> you know, and don't try to put restrictions on the way other people do
> their work.

Sure.  Whatever.

> Blah. _You're_ doing damange in wasting time of maintainers.

Certainly not.  Nobody has to read my messages.  Even *you* are free to ignore me, instead of trying to scare me away with elitism and unfounded ad hominem attacks.

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