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Re: When is it acceptable to set Urgency: high on upload?

On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 03:56:06AM -0800, Number Six wrote:
> The last time this came up I was under the impression the response was 
> if it fixes a security hole, it's High.  For everything else, it's Low.
> And no use case for Medium was presented, and this fact was commented 
> upon.

I personally use urgency=medium for non-security-related RC bugs.

When I set the urgency to anything other than "low", I also mention why
as one of the first entries in the Debian changelog.  That way people
can see my reasoning and tell me if they disagree.  No one's bothered to
do so in years, so they like either don't care, or my usage of "medium"
and "high"[1] is not considered improper.

[1] I've never had cause to use "emergency".

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