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Re: Source packages build with different set of patches

Quoting Peter Makholm <peter@makholm.net>:

> I have a source package I like to build several times with different a
> patch-set each time generating a binary package. Not to invent the
> wheel myself I like to see if other packages has done something like
> this.
> I've looked at cdbs but this feature seems to be on the TODO list.
> The nethack package do this and as I want to use this for slashem (a
> nethack variant) I could just steal debian/rules from nethack (again)
> but I would like to see different ways of doing it.
> Any pointers to other packages I could look at?

I actually did this in the very latest Nagios package (to fix #196802).
The fix is in 1.2-2.
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