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Re: "Us" versus "You" (was: screw non-free) (no subject) Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu 2.4.25 on alpha (remove kernel source packages) 80% D1SC0UNT ON V.1.AGRA!! :: Willkommen Bei SI-REISEN GROUP :: << In Ihrem versendeten Dateianhang wurde ein VIRUS festgestellt >> dúvidas Dolmetscher und Hostessen für Messeeinsätze gesucht! Virus détecté dans le message "hey" Re: dúvidas ['Watchdog': error during virus check>] Re: [ F*cking tired with these broken package orphaned?] [ Re: testing and no release schedule] Re: [Build-common-hackers] CDBS and multiple init scripts? [custom] Any idea how to handle versioned dependencies Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers (continued) [custom] Generalizing building scripts of meta packages [custom] How to handle non-free packages [custom] ITP: cdd -- Custom Debian Distributions common package (fwd) [custom] Subproject HOWTO is going to be orphaned [custom] Updated docs regarding meta package building [Debconf 4] Group discounts [debconf4] Some survey about flights to Brazil [Debian on the Grid] Re: [debian-devel] Policy on Account creation and deletion? Re: [debian-devel] Re: Ancient architecture Re: [debian-devel] Re: debian ldap schema? Re: [debian-devel] Re: The political decision about non-free Re: [debian-printing] Packaging of vendor PPD files. [MailServer Notification] To Sender a virus was found and action taken. [OT] 'real'-names vs. nicks (was Re: Proposal: /etc/friendlynames) [OT] Insure/Ensure [was Re: A sensible plan for non-free] [OT] Linux Distributions Guide [OT] Prevent keyboard interrupt (C / Python) [OT] Re: [debian-devel] Re: Ancient architecture [OT] Re: A freak (but not so freak) idea: User space apt-get install [OT] Re: A freak (but not so freak) idea: User space apt-get install [OT] Re: testing and no release schedule [PATCH] - ipsecrx match - was Re: Writing iptables IPSEC reception support. [RFC] User Accesable Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Re: [SSI-devel] Re: OpenSSI 1.0.0-rc3 for Debian [VIRGE] VIRUS NOTIFICATION Re: Accepted gimp 2.0.0-1 (i386 source all) Re: Accepted xitalk 1.1.11-9.1woody1 (i386 source) Accepting .Xdefaults by default Adopting esound and gdm off you for GNOME 2.6 preparations? Alerte eSafe4 en test alioth is dead. All Debian Sources HTTP-accessible Allan Briscoe/ARS/UK/AON is out of the office. Ancient architecture announce: llconf, a conf parsing utility announcing new release of dpkg Re: Re: Approved Re: Apt and rsync... I know... Re: Arabic Linguist are packages with diversions not downgradeable? Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo? ATTENZIONE: Ricevuto VIRUS da Auto Reply(From:, Subject: stolen) Auto-response for your message to the "RVlifestyle" mailing list Automatic reply from Base system installation size bashisems in maintainer scripts. Binary-only firmware covered by the GPL? Re: Bits from the DPL (summary of conferences) Bizarre changelog entries in some gnome packages Blocked Message Blockers in processes (Was: etiquette of bothering other developers?) broken package dependencies, surgery on package database bts2ldap-Gateway is coming up again Bug in apmd debian scripts Re: Bug Squashing Party -- March, 19 - 21 Bug#199653: Shell change fixed this for me Bug#232506: ITP: matrixssl -- small SSL library optimized for embedded systems Re: Bug#233205: ITP: perlpanel -- A lean Gtk2 panel written in Perl Bug#235604: ITP: q-lang -- Q equational programming language Bug#235637: O: libgpio -- The GPhoto I/O library Bug#235731: ITP: xen -- a Virtual Machine Monitor for i386 Bug#235769: ITP: e2fsimage -- Tool for creating an ext2 filesystem as non-root user Re: Bug#235806: ITP: apt-best -- [...] Bug#235806: ITP: apt-best -- apt-best is a utility to help users in finding the most popular debian packages. For that, it uses the popularity scores found in different sources (freshmeat, sourceforge and google). It then displays the packages matching the search criteria with their associated scores. The user can then install the selected package with the debian package installer : apt-get Bug#235808: remove outdated kaffe ports Bug#235941: RFP: papercut -- nntp server frontend for webbased forums Bug#236044: ITP: picocom -- minimal dumb-terminal emulation program Re: Bug#236126: bacula: Confirmed Bug#236154: ITP: regexp-pp -- Syntax extension for OCaml to make Regexp usage much easier Bug#236163: ITP: kernel-patch-bluez -- Linux Bluetooth protocol stack kernel patches Bug#236191: general: /etc/init.d/README "policy manual, chapter 10.3" should be "9.3" Bug#236284: ITP: mathopd -- Very small, yet very fast HTTP server Bug#236298: ITP: xmms-stats -- Make stats of your preferred songs Bug#236363: ITP: ttf-unfonts -- Un series Korean TrueType fonts Bug#236418: ITP: debootstrap-buildd -- Scripts to create chroots for building packages Bug#236496: ITP: pkgsync -- automated package list synchronization Bug#236591: ITP: paintlib -- C++ class library for image manipulation Bug#236619: ITP: zoem -- macro processor for creating typesetting mark-up languages Bug#236696: ITP: amarok -- A new and easy to use media player for KDE Bug#236807: ITP: liblog4r-ruby -- A Powerful Logging Library for Ruby Bug#236890: ITP: vlevel -- Command line filter and xmms plugin to gradually give all songs the same volume level Bug#236987: ITP: gimp-help -- Documentation for The GIMP, version 2 Bug#237007: ITP: xnee -- X11 action recorder/player Bug#237020: ITP: gmsh -- A three-dimensional finite element mesh generator Bug#237028: ITP: cups-pdf -- PDF printer backend for CUPS The last update was on 12:34 GMT Tue May 12. 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