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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

Andreas Tille wrote:
> I'd love to see the package maintainer to decide whether a bug is a bug or not.
> This is nice of you but I do not really want to spend our users time for
> fixing problems of lazy maintainers.
What are you talking about?

Has Debian Maintainer Territioriality been expanded to the point where
you have to complain about me helping out on someone elses package?

>>I do not wish to bug someone about signing every single mail to BTS.
> We do not talk about *every* mail but only <bug-nr>-done mails.
That's too many.

>>If you do abolish the ability of non-DDs to operate on the bug system,
>>you start ruining the recruitment process.
>>If you have become a developer before doing something useful with the
>>BTS, maybe I should start a thread "The DAM creates accounts way too fast".
> Well, the BTS has more useful applications than closing bugs and thus you
> are free to do a plenty of stuff with it.  You could even close those bugs
> you might have opened by yourself. ;-)
Yeah, or I might just quit caring.
There is no reason not to continue with letting people close bugs.
Handling bugs from new to patch or done is a good way to help out busy
people and should not be artificially restricted.
Even if you want to avoid spam closing bugs, a pseudo-header solution
would be much less intrusive.

> You mal was not really harsh and I just introduced my first mail with
> this sentence because a short browsing of the history gave no hint on
> signed close-procedure which seams to be reasonable to me.  If I would
> have overlooked a similiar suggestion I would have tried to use my
> sentence as excuse. ;-)
Well, I'm glad if you're not offended. I do believe that your suggestion
if very similar to Julian Mehnles and all arguments offered against his
suggestion are valid. That's why I followed your instructions and
ignored the first mail, but was not pleased by the "Tell me a reasonable
(not only theoretical) case where it is important that anybody else
closes a bug." I believe that I have seen them.



Thomas Viehmann, <http://beamnet.de/tv/>

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