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Vote for April 1st?

All DD!

I really couldn't believe that i had actually read this:

> The next release of Debian will not be accompanied by a non-free
> section; there will be no more stable releases of the non-free
> section. The Debian project will cease active support of the
> non-free section. Clause 5 of the social contract is repealed.

Is my clock wrong, april 1st already?

I strongly and seriously object any such request as disgusting and 
unrespectful. As it would dissemble Debian essentially, it is in itself 
either destructive or otherwise meaningless and therefore silly.

You really spoiled my day. Taking time, energy and concentration away 
from working on our os. I do whatever best i can do for the Q of my 
debian things, love what i do 'cause i do what we love - Debian.

I can't imagine how any honest DD might ever seriously think of asking 
me to give up the best you can get, ferociously destroying what it is:
 - a fully working solution,
 - *THE OS Onestop* that we proudly offer as our work, as The source of
   reliability - especially for users with bad / expensive connectivity.
 - the debian archive that i work for to run my computers
 - our Debian Developers' Free! work space to hold what we're working on
 - a repository of assorted documentation.

I seriously demand (and just spent another night debugging for it) that 
Debian will be all that for me, any DD, any User.

	(We shift valuable packages between archives - ok, as long as they are
	 apt-getable with all the quality we get from our dds and archive).
	(Personally, as an artist working with media, i neither could nor would
	 i want  to miss some hardly non-free software that i apt-get daily!)

Experimental, non-free and contrib as working solutions, archive offers 
and required storage space for DDs enhance and round-up what the Free 
Software community has created (really not only) in the main archive.

Evangelist work, strongly supported by debian-legal is the way to more 
Freedom and more Free Software - let them in, let them get the 
experience that it actually works, instead of keeping them away.

We need new structures for the Debian project - more software and more 
uses / users demand CDDs, more archive space, more communications - 
let us build it up our way already so, that there is a place for many!

Changing the Social Contract the proposed way would actually make it 
asocial! The gap between online users and dial-ins widens enough 
without Debian taking over 750 valuable packages away from people that 
experience hardness on a daily basis, that online users can't imagine.

Don't make Debian become asocial by supporting such a change to The 
Social Contract - vote for justice and achieve so that we don't even 
need to be afraid of wrong verdicts or judgements:

I maintain a non-free package 'cthugha' for some years, non-free because 
the author wanted a postcard for commercial use. More than three years 
of advocating made it 99% Free already, just last week!

I maintain _The Best_ atari emu you can get: atari800, contrib, because 
it needs some ROM images, that nobody _can_ make free as there is no 
one left who owns their copyrights who could and would care for.

Debian without 'apt-get install atari800' - no way, that this could ever 
be the OS of my choice! I would be ashamed to meet anyone wary!

Debian/rules: Don't rule me out. Don't rule yourself out. Freedom!
Peace, martin
Vote for Freedom - vote for debian/dists/non-free.
Vote for justice - vote for The Social Contract.

A copy of this file is on: http://people.debian.org/~ma/votefor1.htm

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