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Re: When is it acceptable to set Urgency: high on upload?

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> Section 5.6.16. `Urgency' of the Debian Policy Manual says:
>      This is a description of how important it is to upgrade to this
>      version from previous ones.
> However, I didn't find any information about what are considered
> "important" reasons. Does fixing an Important bug justify setting
> urgency: high?

You are the maintainer, it is at your discretion.  The question to
ask yourself is:

 1. Is it important enough to require higher priority on auto-builders,
    and to go through the testing scripts faster? If so, set it to
    medium or high.

    Note that priorities are "sticky" for testing. The highest one since
    the last move of the package to testing is the one that holds, so
    you do not need to keep uploading with a high priority until the
    package moves to testing.

 2. Is it imperative that an upload be installed everywhere by tomorrow?
    (usually, for remote-root-roles and unrelated-data-loss bugs). If so,
    set it to "emergency".

Use of "emergency" is extremely rare, fortunately.

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