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Re: Translating NEWS.Debian?

* Nikolai Prokoschenko <nikolai@prokoschenko.de> [040319 10:06]:
> My opinion on the topic (if anyone wishes to know) is that Debian could
> become a fully-translated distribution -- it just needs an infrastructure.
> Denis' pages are a big step forward. If we could extract some more files
> (and documentation) from the packages, which need translation (as well as
> packages' descriptions, it time to reanimate that project ;))

I might repeat myself. But I do not think the problem is the extraction
of the documents, but how to make it available. Maintainers are normaly
intirested in beeing translated and should be connected to the software
upstream who are also often intrested in having more things translated.
If there was an easy way to add things to be translated, I really think
much will be supplied. And with easy I mean something a maintainer
not done any localisation or translation himself can understand and use.

> project on every language on Alioth and auto-synchonize files between
> unstable and l10n-CVS, this work could be far more transparent to the
> translators. 

I don't know if cvs is very well fitted fo that. If you start with
branches it will loose it's transparency. And if you have only one
version you will always run after the version in unstable, and loose
the possibility to prepare translations before a package is uploaded.

  Bernhard R. Link

Sendmail is like emacs: A nice operating system, but missing
an editor and a MTA.

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