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Re: udev device naming policy concerns

Martin Pitt wrote:

IMHO this would result in a giant mess of flat and structured style
device names, as most devices would appear twice. debconf could rather
ask whether to create flat _or_ devfs-style names (for my sake also a
third option "both"). Of course this should also be a single
configuration option of udev (which defaults to the flat style).

I vote for this too. FLAT or STRUCTURED or BOTH
in a nice debconf question

and we should also not forget the non-i386 world
I seem to remember that some big architectures need a structured /dev
(since they have far too many devices... a flat structure is unintelligible)

I use devfs-only names
debian-installer uses them at well

we don't want to cripple debian-installer before it is even finished, do we?

all of the above UTMBK

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