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Re: Translating NEWS.Debian?

Quoting Chip Salzenberg (chip@debian.org):
> I'm in the process of moving some debconf notes into NEWS.Debian to
> fix nfs-utils bug #228365, "debconf abuse".
> However, I'm a bit concerned that non-English-speakers will be unable
> to read NEWS.Debian since there is, AFAIK, no process in place to
> translate it.  Have I missed something, or do we need another (!)
> translation project?

For nfs-utils specifically, my advice is "keep the notes, but lower
their priority". Well, this is what I wrote in the BR you mention so
you already know this..:-)

See this as an intermediate solution in order to avoid losing valuable

Thanks for your concern, by the way. I may have sound a bit rude in
the bug report log...so please accept apologies if you were hurt in some

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