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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

Isaac Clerencia <isaac@sindominio.net> wrote:

> On Saturday 13 March 2004 10:38, josh buhl wrote:
>> I just got notified that one of my submitted bugs had been closed. When
>> I checked to see what the resolution was, I saw that the bug had been
>> closed by a spammer who had sent a spam to 190721-close@bugs.debian.org
>> This obviously jeopardizes the integrity of the entire bug tracking system!
> While I definitely see this as bad(TM), i don't see this as a big breakdown of 
> our BTS. As long as developers keep an eye at the bugs reports, and attend 
> theire mail I don't see a major problem in this. 

Still, it is strange to see that any bug can be closed without being
sure of the origin of the request. The bug tracker should check GPG
signatures on mails sent, at on least mails sent to control@ and
nnnn-done@. It does not means restricting  control@ and nnnn-done@,
but it should take more than sending a mail to fool them. Being force
to create a GPG signature (and so creating an address) for each spam,
I'm not sure it would make spammers happy. 

Mathieu Roy

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