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Re: Searching a XML file specification for Debian files

Arnaud Vandyck a écrit :
Raphael Bossek <raphael.bossek@gmx.de> writes:

looking for a XML specification (DTD, XML Schema, RELAX NG) where some
of the major Debian files are represented. I think at least about the
debian/control, *.dsc and *.changelog files as part of an package.


Someone here done it already and would like to share it with me to avoid
double work?

Nothing done ATM but I'm interesting in something like that. I'd like to
have a Schema about debian/control, debian/copyright and debian/README
(to have some comments about the package).

If you work on something, let us know. If I do something, I'll post it


maybe the author of fctk has worked on that. This soft automate creation
of some project, including Debian packages.

Templates for generating a new project and XSLT code to generate getopt() C code, man pages, HTML documentation, Debian package specifications, RPM specifications, etc. from one XML description


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