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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

* Julian Mehnle (lists@mehnle.net) [040313 12:40]:
> I sometimes would like to set up call forwardings for my home phone
> from places where I don't have access to it.  Should my telco allow
> my phone line to be configured from anywhere without authentication?

You can definitly do that, if you are a important enough customer.

> So, to start over, I'll just ask:  So what?  Where's the problem
> with not being able to *control* bug reports from *everywhere*?

Because it _is_ quite a useful feature. And - who should be allowed to
sign it? Everyone who has a gpg key? Everyone who is a DD? Why place
the additional burden of signing mails?

If it _really_ is a problem (please be aware, we had that only once
till now), then there are better ways to control it. Including from
verification, as it _is_ currently done for the mailing lists.

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