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Re: Seeking comments on PAM logging change

On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 10:09, Sam Hartman wrote:
> [Copies to me; I'm on debian-devel but very behind and don't really
> have enough time to read it]
> Bug #213566 is another complaint about how PAM handles logging.
> Currently PAM_unix calls openlog in the pam library in an attempt to
> make sure that PAM authentication messages are logged claiming to be
> from the PAM service name (pam_unix) instead of from the application
> or in cases of applications that do not call openlog, from unnamed
> syslog lines.
> The submitter of this bug argued convincingly that calling openlog is
> an inappropriate abstraction violation.  Libraries should not modify
> global state such as the syslog configuration.  Modules that are
> plugins to libraries especially should not do this.

I agree here. In the report it is said that PAM handles this way:

- PAM can allow modules (and the library itself) to log information
  using the syslog facility, and require applications to re-establish
  any application syslog settings after every call to libpam

This is not acceptable, and places an inappropriate limit to application
that use PAM. It is okay for _modules_ to restrict the use of syslog,
but _not_ for an application.

IMHO the real cause is a syslog design problem: instead of having one
global 'instance', openlog() should return a handle, which has to be
given to each syslog() call. But there is not much that can be done
about that, unless someone volunteers to implement an alternative
syslog() library.

A much better way would be to require an application to provide a
callback for logging - this way the application may decide to not use
syslog at all but something different. Option #2 in the report log. This
would also allow the library to give a name tag in the syslog line, to
show where the message originated.

> Sun has apparently also removed calls to openlog from their PAM
> implementation.
> It is my intent to remove this call to openlog.  Doing so may very
> well change the format of messages logged by PAM application.  This is
> both a heads up and a chance for you to convince me I'm wrong.

Although I agree with you on the problem, I think this should be really
handled by upstream, otherwise you make it incompatible.


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