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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:

> * Julian Mehnle (lists@mehnle.net) [040313 13:10]:
>> Thomas Viehmann wrote:
>> > Julian Mehnle wrote:
>> > > So, to start over, I'll just ask:  So what?  Where's the problem with
>> > > not being able to *control* bug reports from *everywhere*?
>> > 
>> > If you restrict closing of bug reports:
>> > Who should be allowed to close bug reports? Only the maintainer? Only
>> > DDs? I think both of these options are essentially a non-answer.
>> Only DDs, the maintainer, and the reporter -- if his initial report
>> was signed.
> Come on. You're trying to fix a problem we don't really have. Please:
> If it is not broken, than don't fix it.
> And: There are some non-DDs who do just great QA-work. You don't want
> to exclude them? And: Why should a non-DD not be allowed to start
> helping out at any package before he is added to the uploaders field?
> That doesn't make any sense, and starting helping to sort out bug
> reports is something that's quite often _really_ helpful to the
> maintainer.

I personally did not suggested to restrict access to bugs control. I'm
just saying that spammers are probably not going to create a gpg key,
send it to a keyserver, just to spam the Debian BTS.

Mathieu Roy

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