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Re: Screw non-free.

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>>>>> "HM" == Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

    Me> Having Debian-the-project put time or effort into anything
    Me> that isn't Debian-the-OS is wasteful.

    HM> Perhaps it is, but is that important? Anyone who works on
    HM> non-free is volunteering their time to do so. Nobody is being
    HM> forced or coerced.  So if I want to waste my time (in your
    HM> opinion) why should you care?

I don't! Far be it from me to tell you how to spend your free time. If
you want to start a project for distributing non-free packages that
work with Debian, I heartily support you in that venture, and I think
the Debian project should even help you get it off the ground. I wish
you well.

    Me> So, to the DDs who have stuff in non-free: bummer, man.

    HM> To our users who were used to quality packages from
    HM> accountable maintainers even if the software wasn't 100%
    HM> DFSG-compliant: bummer, man.

There appear to be a number of current Debian maintainers who think
it's important. I'm sure with such a good core group who care about
providing non-free software to those users, they will be well-served.

I mean, the non-free project maintainers will have some of the best
Free Software around to make, distribute, and track those packages. I
think it's going to be a fine, fine project.


P.S. I nudged this thread over to -project in the (perhaps vain) hope
to see it transition to where it's more on-topic.

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Evan Prodromou
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