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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

* Julian Mehnle (lists@mehnle.net) [040313 19:21]:
> Andreas Barth wrote:
> > * Julian Mehnle (lists@mehnle.net) [040313 13:40]:
> > > Not necessarily.  You could carry your private key with you on a USB
> > > key.  Or whatever.

> > Sorry, but I try to protect my private key. There are computers where
> > I do QA work from (and send mail to the bts), but where I _won't_ plug
> > into my private key. Because: If someone gets access to my private
> > key, he can do a lot of damage.
> Since when are plugged USB keys automatically shared throughout the
> network?  And since when can you not encrypt your private key with a
> passphrase? 

Since when is it possible to install a keylogger, or (as root) change
the gpg binary? And I work at computers I don't trust enough that they
may get access to my gpg key in any way.

> > Well, and please become maintainer of at least one package before
> > trying to enforce some restrictions on the way package maintainers can
> > do their work. 
> I knew that would come as soon as someone had the feeling he was
> losing the argument, but luckily I'm confident enough so I cannot be
> bothered by such elitism bullshit.  How would me being a DD or a
> package maintainer change the validity of my arguments?  This is a
> serious question for which I'd like to receive a serious answer.

Well, of course it doesn't change the validity. Your arguments are
wrong, but _perhaps_ you'd recognize it yourself.

> Certainly not.  Nobody has to read my messages.  Even *you* are free
> to ignore me

Ok, I'll do that in future. You're honored to be the first one on the
debian mailing lists whom I'm going to ignore completly.

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