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Re: What about /usr/share/locale. Was: Re: Packaging _still_ wasteful for many large packages

Paul Seelig <pseelig@uni-mainz.de> writes:

> Adding the possibility to delete KDE/GNOME localized help files would
> mean to have to learn about KDE/GNOME stuff like scrollkeeper even if
> i would only to have to include patches. I don't like the idea of
> integrating patches containing code i don't understand and i don't
> want to have to understand code for stuff i personally don't want to
> bother about. So why wouldn't someone else more dedicated than i am
> regarding KDE/GNOME create a similar package like localepurge
> exclusively for removing KDE/GNOME localized help files?
Being fully ignorant on localepurge's design, wouldn't it be possible
to have a core + modules that implement specific functionality? Those
modules then could be maintained by other people and wouldn't have a
impact on the standard invocation of localepurge.

> Another thing is that i'm not very comfortable with the idea of
> institutionalizing localepurge even more. As i already wrote in the
> package's description files, localepurge should become obsolete as
> soon as dpkg/apt permit partial package installations.
Well, I agree that having hooks in dpkg is indeed preferable to an
add-on package.

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