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Re: Weird - /proc is not mounted on boot

Nikolai Prokoschenko wrote:

> Hello!
> Sorry, if this doesn't suit into -devel, but I thought, this is too weird
> for -user.
> My current problem with my system (daily-sid, kernel 2.6.4, nvidia,
> hotplug, udev on /dev): during the boot process, the /proc filesystem
> doesn't get mounted. Thus, many of the init-scripts fail, telling (by
> means of start-stop-daemon) "nothing in /proc - not mounted?". /dev/pts is
> also not mounted, therefore, ppp doesn't work. I guess, it's the main
> reason, why I'm having other troubles now: hotplug doesn't get started
> (telling me, hotplug hasn't been built into the kernel), while working
> fine if started manually, xawtv causes locks-up (everything but the mouse
> and overlaying tv stops working) after a couple of seconds, tvtime does
> this immediately.
> I don't know, what has caused this - my best guess is the recent update of
> sysvutils, which include some kind of splitting init-files (mountvirtfs).
> The system used to work a couple of days ago.

Heh.  Sorry for my previous message; I can tell you exactly what the cause
is.  It's bug #238611; mountvirtfs is dying because readlink is exiting
with a nonzero exit status (!?!)

Until it's updated, you could always apply the change noted in the bug

> Any guesses for a direction to search/file bugs?
> Thank you.

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