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Re: spam closes Debian bugs!

On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 02:35:28PM -0500, Clint Adams wrote:
> > It already exists.  The problem is that *everyone* can control bugs in the BTS.  Spammers unintentionally closing bugs is not the problem, it's just one of the possible symptoms. 
> No, the problem is that someone wants to change this behavior.

What the fuck?  Why does being a DD or a bug submitter mean that you must be
continually bombarded with spam, because Debian fails to take the least of
precautions or spam prevention for fear of inconveniencing a few people?

I'm getting so much spam through my debian account that I'm already
considering closing it down.  We must now tolerate spammers closing bugs?

There are a lot of large projects, including the mozilla project, that
require addresses to be registered with a password just to submit a bug.
This is the model we should be moving toward.  The current situation is
totally unacceptable.


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