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RE: Windows, Macintosh... Linux?


Thanks for the interest.

We are planning on an OSX version.  And, actually have simultaneous
development streams, yet, the Mac has added some extra 'challenges'.  We
hope to have it out a couple of months after the launch of the Windows

As for Linux, we hope to support this also.

Last, the source will be available for development, again only a couple
of months after launch.  We will offer a suite of tools for developers
and partners.  This should include community supported client tools.


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I'm interested in trying out the ManyOne browser[1].  If you are
developing a Mac OS-X client, will you also have a GNU/Linux client? 
Alternately, will the sources be available for development of a
community supported client?

Lee Colleton <lee@colleton.net>

[1] http://www.manyone.net/homesite/download.html

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