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Re: Screw non-free.

Marc Haber wrote:

> Currently we work very hard to decrease our user base, and if we
> remove non-free, we will drive existing users to Fedora, SuSE and
> Gentoo. Removing non-free will be another indicator of Debian losing
> the connection to the real life. Just in case that our release cycle
> isn't proof enough.

Do Fedora and SuSE ship those interesting non-free packages that were
mentioned in this thread?  (The SuSE online distribution doesn't ship
the Sun SDK for example.) There seems to be a trend towards
undistributable non-free software, and this affects all GNU/Linux
distributors, not just Debian.

Apart from that, I find arguments of the form "if we don't do X, we
won't gain recognition/market share/withstand our competition" highly
questionable.  You usually hear these arguments in the Ada and Lisp
camps, and quite often someone *has* done X, and nothing changed at all.

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