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Re: Vote for April 1st?


Martin Albert wrote:
> > The next release of Debian will not be accompanied by a non-free
> > section; there will be no more stable releases of the non-free
> > section. The Debian project will cease active support of the
> > non-free section. Clause 5 of the social contract is repealed.
> Is my clock wrong, april 1st already?


> Evangelist work, strongly supported by debian-legal is the way to more 
> Freedom and more Free Software - let them in, let them get the 
> experience that it actually works, instead of keeping them away.

Right. And kicking non-free out is an evangelist thing. Since Debian
is _about Free Software_, not non-free shit.

> Changing the Social Contract the proposed way would actually make it 
> asocial! The gap between online users and dial-ins widens enough 
> without Debian taking over 750 valuable packages away from people that 
> experience hardness on a daily basis, that online users can't imagine.

uh? I don't think that many _real_ valuable packages are in non-free. Either
way, anyone who wants to use them can fetch them from wherever they
originate or from non-free.org when it is up.

> I maintain a non-free package 'cthugha' for some years, non-free because 
> the author wanted a postcard for commercial use. More than three years 
> of advocating made it 99% Free already, just last week!

what means 99% free? And you could have advocated without a section in
Debian. What is the barrier to just advocate whithout saying "oh, we
have a package her in non-free, but..." instead of convincing the author
(may it take 3 years) and put it into main or contrib?

> I maintain _The Best_ atari emu you can get: atari800, contrib, because 
> it needs some ROM images, that nobody _can_ make free as there is no 
> one left who owns their copyrights who could and would care for.

See Josselins answer. Anyone could probably still get ROM images from
somewhere (the source from where you packaged them would be the obvious

> Debian without 'apt-get install atari800' - no way, that this could ever 
> be the OS of my choice! I would be ashamed to meet anyone wary!

You could still do that. 

atari800 doesn't (I looked) even depends on something in non-free.


" The Atari Operating System ROMs are not available with this package, due to
  copyright. You'll have to either make copies of them from an old Atari
  computer, or see README.Debian for other ways to obtain them."


so it isn't even in non-free? What the hell are you complaining about

Of course, you need to get a ROM somewhere. But see above.
Just get the ROM manually...
Be it as deb or not (you still could provide it at non-free.org when
that is functional).

Packages in contrib could depend on packages not in Debians archive
at all. Most of the Java things in contrib do.


René - who already voted in favour of removing non-free

p.s: where the hell were you the last months?
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