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Re: again kde3 Alien/RPM keeps trying to kill KDE. Help? "Are you ever going to do a KDE2.2.2 upload?" Athlon optimized KDE build Broken kio_http Broken package status? Some very old. ccheney- would you like some help? Chris - Please post a brief status message about KDE-Debian to the list CUPS w/mgetty DCOP/KDE IPC error debianising muse: help needed (avoiding qtconfig...) Devices desktop icons dissimilar konsole instances Distibutions (was KDE Debian distribution) Double To Single Click Extended Window Manager Hints specification ? gcc 3.0.4, kde in Debian: status? get kde 2.? to work Getting xscreensaver to work... Help Needed Adding Printer How install kde metapackage depends by hand? And, Https? Re: How pull packages from unstable to a Woody system? Howto input to KDE-Debian Howto. Was:Re: KDE-Debian HowTo... icq client Install kde in Sid fails - depends libkmid... - How fix? Interaction between Konqueror and Mailman Admin KDE 2.2.2 crash when it's compiled when objprelink KDE3 alpha .debs around? [kde3] Appeal for help - powerful box needed KDE and Xinerama KDE auf Potato - Probs mit libqt2 KDE Debian distribution Re: KDE-Debian HowTo KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.18 KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.20 KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.22 KDE-Debian HowTo for KDE2 & Debian3=Woody X86. Ver 0.27 kde-init? kdelibs compilation problems KDE on Potato - how to autostart KDevelop and htdig on Woody kdm error kdm / xdm dying Koi8-r font problems. konqueror and CA-certificates Konqueror and https Konqueror and web forms Konqueror, HTML forms, wrapping and font handling kpresent - programs KreateCD and mpg123 Kspread issues Kweather not working... Linux Kernel Mailinglist archive: Re: On K7, -march=k6 is good (Was Re: Why no -march=athlon?) Little Konqueror Irritations lost path in upgrade to deb 3 meta-bookmarking? Re: meta-kde package and Testing Re: Metapackage for KDE bigger than kdebase- Is there one? Fwd: middle mouse button = double click ? MIDI not working with Debian-KDE and new policy of reverting back to alsa-0.5 Mixing Debian releases the easy way - HowTo - questions mp3 and konqueror need help with kdm need help with kdm no.2 new kdelibs (2.2.2) upload the non-existence of libglib1.3-12 openoffice install problem under kde Opportunité.Une nouvelle source de revenus packages tasksel expects to find in woody, that arn't there Policy patch to admin/debianrules portable mirror? printing from konq. quotes and stuff recent KDE debian packages remembering window settings Remove 'Mozilla Bookmarks' from Konqueror bookmarks SE Linux patch for kdm Some KDE problems subscribe testing sendmail/kmail again time Tips on CUPS + KDE + Debian Testing NOTE: long msg! /tmp/.ICE-unix Trouble With tluxt/Jens Woody/KDE/ALSA Sound Recipe unsubscribe using ssh-agent with kde What is keeping 'kde' metapackage out of Woody? What's best quick fix for broken kde metapackage? Where is KwinTV? Again. Will KDE make it into Woody? Window Raise from konsole Woody kmail x-session-manager? The last update was on 17:40 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 393 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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