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Re: remembering window settings

You could use ssh-agent at login to authenticate an ssh certificate, 
and then use the -f switch on an ssh command to fork ssh into the 
background. (i.e., ssh user@remote.box.com -f  gbuffy). It works well 
to start an x app without using a terminal. However, my $.02 would be 
to still close the app before shutting down so ssh has time to logout 
gracefully, and start the command from a shell script in your 
.kde/autostart folder if you want it to start every time you log in. 

On Monday 04 February 2002 01:02 pm, Jason Majors wrote:
> > > How can I get kde 2.2.2 from Sid to remember my window settings
> > > (e.g. that xmms should be sticky and on top, that vmware should
> > > start on desktop 4, etc)?
> >
> > If you right-click on the titlebar, you should get a window
> > operations window in which you can toggle 'Store Settings'.  I've
> > also got a keybinding that binds this menu to Alt-Escape for
> > frameless windows like XMMS.  The keybinding is under Global
> > Shortcuts -> Windows -> Window Operations Menu.
> By telling it to save settings on exit, I got it to remember for xmms
> and vmware (but it won't start vmware on login), but it doesn't
> remember my gbuffy. But that gbuffy is being run thru an ssh
> connection from my box at home. And there's no way to leave it
> running until logout without having a terminal up, and I don't want
> to have one come up by default.

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