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Re: What's best quick fix for broken kde metapackage?

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 03:21:04AM -0800, ben wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 February 2002 01:16 am, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > While I appreciate your support, sometimes I think you overplay the
> > maintainers' stocks a little bit. :)
> >
> > When we take on a package, we take on the responsibility of maintaining
> > it ... given, we might not be able to do an absolute perfect job, but we
> > did say we'd do a job, and so we should always endeavour to do it, when
> > reasonable.
> >
> given that the product of your willingness to take on those responsibilities 
> results in a pure win for those of us who reap the benefit, it just plain 
> pisses me off when some arrogant asshole tries to assert an obligation on 
> your (collective) part solely in order to assauge his solely personal 
> interests at the expense of according appreciation where it's deserved. as 
> someone who accrues the benefit of your work, at absolutely no cost to 
> myself, it seems to me that the least i can do, in return, is to bring that 
> fool's attention to the idea that his attitude is pitiable.

I don't mind people passively doing nothing, but active demands and
hostility are always shithouse.

Good: "Hi, I notice you haven't got KDE3b2 debs yet. Is there a reason
for this, or do you just need help, and what with?".
Bad: "Where are the KDE3b2 debs? I need them!!".

> along with that, i'd like to add that you may not be aware of the fact that 
> there are a whole big lot of people out here who are, really, just plain 
> users, who don't necessarily have any other ambition than to run a small home 
> or office system that might even do nothing other than give us the freedom to 
> revel in our (debian-enabled) supremely functional independence of ms'ed up 
> operating systems. from your humble response, it kinda sounds like not enough 
> of us have been showing up to say thanks. that's really all that this is 
> about. 

I don't mind that users don't really say thanks, I don't even mind if
developers and debian-kde people say thanks or not ... it's always
appreciated, but not essential. The best thing people can do is offer to
help. That's the best thanks a maintainer can ever get.

> kde is primarily a single user oriented environment, and, as far as i know, 
> none of the maintainers have commited themselves to any responsibility beyond 
> that, such as to specifically accommodate enterprise or even development 
> oriented interests--not that you neglect those users, either. but, 
> consequently, the majority of those who gain by your efforts are the regular 
> folks who have made--given the context of their origin as discouraged 
> windon't users--a comparable effort in risking all that was familar, however 
> repugnant, to embrace a system where, rightly, there is no-one to blame but 
> oneself in the event of any of the common usage problems that might arise.  
> nonetheless, you guys continually cover our asses, getting us, as solidly as 
> you can, back up when we thought that we were down. that, to my mind, 
> deserves far more appreciation than scorn.

My focuses (focii? foca?) are: a) end-user, b) development. As someone
who writes KDE apps myself (mainly in-house, sadly), Of course, if
something breaks, then that becomes the first priority - squashing
important bugs. An example was the libpng fiasco, which broke
everything: that became our first priority over everything (in KDE, not
in life).

> if that's too much, sorry.

Don't apologise. You'll grow old and bitter very quickly. :)


Daniel Stone						    <daniel@sfarc.net>
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