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Re: using ssh-agent with kde

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> I would like to setup a system in which as I log in to kde, I also add my
> passphrase to ssh-agent.
> I am convinved in an earlier version of kde I can recall seeing ssh-agent
> running as a child process of kdeinit - and I didn't set this up
> It is not the case now - is there a setting I should use to make it

there is a setting in the kdm config that turns on ssh-agent, and a gui app
that asks for your passphrase.

what I do is use kdm and then set SSH_ASKPASS to point to that gui app and
run ssh-add at login to kde

the env. variable SSH_ASKPASS is what ssh-add uses to get input from
anouther application.

if you man ssh-add near the bottom under ENVIRONMENT this is discussed.

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