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lost path in upgrade to deb 3

I upgraded to deb 3 yesterday, Downloaded 200 meg files watched 
them install with dselect and today dselect can't find the files it 
needs to read what it has done ldconfig reboot cannot be found and 
started from command line.  X won't work etcetra.  Brian Mays 
> Mike - The two usual places where the path is set and changed 
are the
> following files:
>     /etc/login.defs
>     /etc/profile

So I checked and login.defs ok I altered profile, that made no 
difference.  Dselect says new versions of files are available but old 
ones are installed.  Actually the new are installed.  Pcmcia was 
working a treat before the upgrade and the card is still installed but 
doesn't connect any more so I can't go get anything while in 
debian.  I could reinstall deb 2 but I don't want too.  I want to stay 
in deb 3 (testing).  BTW kde was working well before the upgrade 
as was sound, my logitech cordless trackball, it was just great.
This message written on the same computer but on w98.  I hope 
you have some ideas on how to get this deb3 to work.  


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