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get kde 2.? to work

Yesterday I downloaded and installed kde on 2.2 stable.  It started 
off as 2.2r3 but probably became 2.2r5 with apt.  This is my 2nd try 
as I downloaded and installed unstable I thought and killed the 
installation.  Subsequently I have reinstalled 2.2r3 no updates.  I 
have em but I don't know how to get dselect to see them on my 
hard drive,  I have an idea I have downloaded the latest kde I can 
get in debs. At present I have a heap of guis but I prefer kde. I 
would like to put it back on.  I have the kde debs and I think 
enough debs to make my installation up to unstable status. 
Including 2.4 kernels  .  Poor choice of words but hopefully you 
know what I mean.  It has been around 4 years since I tried to 
install debian.  Hope you can help.


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