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Re: Where is KwinTV? Again.

Pedro ... Thanks .. the fullscreen= worked!!!!   I guess I shoud ratfm
(read ALL the @*&@99 manuals!).  Actually it's in man xawtv. I will 
still keep gvidm as I like easy change of resolution not only for 
published image viewing but also to test my web pages under 

Florian - I tried the "Load      "v4l"  and it didn't work!  It's
probably a combination of my kernel (2.4.17) or Xfree (4.1+)
but most likely my nividia graphics card Diamond Viper.  But
thanks for suggesting it!  

On Sunday 03 February 2002 01:41, I Michael Hoodes wrote:

> FWIW - I run asmix as my volume control (on the KDE desktop),
> I also use a neat tool called gvidm (on my KDE Toolbar) which lets
> me easily change resolution (from my normal 1600x200 to 640x480)
> for full screen TV.  Both those tools probably allow me to "love"
> xawtv!!!

Pedro wrote:

> sorry for being OT...
> Just set this in your .xawtv file:
> fullscreen = 800 x 600 
> (or 640x680)
> and xawtv will switch resolutions when you press the fullscreen 
> button.
> Pedro Corte-Real

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