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Re: Athlon optimized KDE build

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:16, Magnus von Koeller wrote:
> On Thursday 28 February 2002 12:47, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > I have working qt3/kdelibs4/kdebase3 packages, as I stated, but I
> > am not releasing them to the public until they're fully tested.
> Well, what is unstable for, then?

I am under the impression that unstable is for things that the maintainer 
thinks will not break anything, but which have not been tested enough for 
more general release.

When packages are known to break things they are not suitable for unstable 
and should be privately distributed.  That is done for every major new 
version of X, I am doing it for SE Linux packages, and lots of other 
developers are doing it too.

I use kmail for all my email and konsole windows for all my development.

Because of all the Debian packages I am developing I am forced to run 
unstable and keep relatively current with it.

If a Debian unstable update breaks KDE in a big way then that'll interfere 
with my development work (and that of many other developers too).  Therefore 
it is prudent for Daniel to hold off on uploading these packages to unstable 
in my opinion.

When he is certain that the core KDE apps work well and don't break other 
things AND that there is a good upgrade path from them to future KDE packages 
then it will be time for an upload to unstable.

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