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Re: meta-bookmarking?

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 02:46:47PM -0500, James Lindenschmidt wrote:

> These days, my browsing time is about equally spent in Konqueror and
> Galeon, with the occasional Mozilla and Netscape 4.x session for various
> reasons.  Each of them has a differing bookmark system. I was wondering
> if there is a way to have all 4 browsers point to the same bookmark file,
> so that if I add a bookmark in one browser, it will show up in all
> browsers?


try 'fm:bookmark manager' (or gg:bookmark manager) there are a couple of
these things that do some of what you want. However they are mostly
external programs or plug-ins or CGI scripts that require a local web

I noticed that you can drag Konqueror bookmarks in Konqueror, Netscape,
Mozilla and perhaps Galeon and they will 'understand' the data type and
load the URL. Perhaps that's closer to what you want - manage all your
bookmarks in the standard XBEL format that Konqueror uses and drag them to
the browser that should open them.

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