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Re: Where is KwinTV? Again.

On Sunday 03 February 2002 01:41, Michael Hoodes wrote:
> I think the story of KwinTV is documented here.  Myself?
> I run quite happily for years - xawtv.  

Yes, I've tried and used xawtv. As a plain X application, it is quite good, 
but I'm looking for the KDE version that fits in with the rest of my desktop.
> I don't know why kde is moving forward with KwinTV ?... I'll try
> it again like I have done in the past but I always go back to xawtv!
Because xawtv is good, but it's still a plain X application, with the poor 
motif-type decorations and looks rather poor on a KDE desktop.
> Michael
> On Saturday 02 February 2002 at 10:20, Maximilian Reiss wrote:
> > Am Samstag, 2. Februar 2002 at 4:03 schrieb Chris Cheney:
> > > On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 11:04:36PM +0000, John Gay wrote:
> > > > I thought this was now an official part of kde multimedia? Who is
> > > > building the multimedia packages or are you looking for a
> > > > volunteer? After my initial,
> > >
> > > As far as I can tell it is still part of kdenonbeta, I will take a
> > > look at it after getting the rest of kde cleaned up and
> > > if it works ok I will package it.
> >
> > Kwintv was long unmaintained. Development started again some time ago.
> > Debs are at:
> > deb http://arachni.kiwi.uni-hamburg.de/~harlekin/ ./binary-i386/
> > They will go into main some time, but right now there are way to many
> > segfaults on various systems.
> > Also xv support is missing (but worked  on)
> >
> > Thanks for the info! I'm fetching these to see how they work on my
> > system. Once I can get it working, I'll be happy.
> >
Got and installed these and gave them a bit of a test today. Quite an 
improvement over the last several times I tried to get it working.

I still can not capture video yet, but xawtv won't do that for me either, so 
I don't think it's kwintv's fault. When I tried to set it up for video 
capture, kwintv hung and I had to kill several processes before it stopped 
completely, but I think that is more my set-up that kwintv. Otherwise, I see 
no major crashes, yet. Now that I've got it working, I'll play around with it 
for a while. One thing though, I did have to run v4l-conf manually before 
kwintv would start? Not sure why? When I tried to start kwintv, it said it 
was running v4l-conf, but it would fail? When I ran v4l-conf, it ran fine and 
now kwintv works fine also? Again, it might just be something wrong with my 

> > Chris:
> >
> >Thank you for your info as well. I am guessing that Max's deb's should
> > be replacable with yours, so it should be a simple matter of just
> > letting apt replace Max's debs with yours once they are uploaded.
> >
John Gay

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