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Re: openoffice install problem under kde

On Saturday 16 February 2002 20:49, Kamil Kisiel wrote:
> I have the SO 6.0 beta installed and running just fine under the latest
> KDE 2.2.2 packages, haven't tried installing the OO 641 binaries yet.
> What exactly do you mean you "cannot install" it? Do you get some kind
> of error? or what exactly?

Ok, sorry. The problem is : I start ./setup, a progress bar appears, and when
it is finished, the setup simply exists. (The only thing what appears on the
console is the libc version ( 2.2.4) )
I tried it three machines : two of them with the local X console, they have
the latest kde from sid. The third machine was a fairly old woody (2-3
months), but the X display was on the first computer. Same effect. But here
comes the strange thing : starting simply failsafe everything runs ok. I have
created a new test-user, and under this user's X and kde session I was able
to install oo and so too. Failing back to my old user oo and so segfaults.
I'm trying localizing the problem.

(sorry for the bad english)

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