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Re: MIDI not working with Debian-KDE and new policy of reverting back to alsa-0.5

> Do alsa-0.5 drivers actually work with libasound2 or
> should Daniel also revert libarts-alsa and libkmid-alsa
> to depend on libasound1 rather than libasound2 to be
> consistent with the changed (from when Ivan Moore was the
> maintainer) Debian-kde-alsa policy? Although I would
> prefer to see alsa-0.9 working with Debian-kde, I am
> willing to go along with a change back to alsa-0.5 so
> long as it is done consistently.  But the dependency
> mixture we have now on both alsa-0.5 and alsa-0.9
> libraries is not right, and might be the source of my
> midi troubles.

As far as Woody is concerned, I think it would be 
absolutely asinine to revert to alsa-0.5 considering how 
far 0.9 has come.  I'm all for policies that ensure 
stability, but in my experience, alsa-0.9 works fine for 
most people.  Any advanced users are going to want 0.9 
anyways and people running servers don't care about 
sound.  Furthermore, what is now "alsa-0.9" is now in the 
2.5 kernel and I suppose you could say that alsa-1.0 is 
going to be in the 2.6 kernel eventually.  Is this going to 
cause problems for people using alsa-0.5 libraries?  If so, 
I think this choice is clearly wrong.


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