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Howto input to KDE-Debian Howto. Was:Re: KDE-Debian HowTo...

-- Jens Benecke <jens@jensbenecke.de> wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 02:13:43AM -0800, tluxt wrote:
> > =======================================================================
> > cd writer
> > sound - alsa? opensound?
> > (have to get & compile kernel?)
> > 
> > mpg player
> > noatun?
> > other kde media player?
> > avi player?
> Hi,
> are you going to integrate the stuff I wrote? Or is something missing?
> Just asking :-)

Yes, definitely.  But I have many other responsibilities right now so I 
can't take anywhere as much time to devote to this howto as I would like to. 

Here is a possible way to get your info into the howto more quickly:

The howto now has two structural elements semi defined:
1) There is a "Contents" section that is probably roughly correct
2) There is the "Chapter 1) Quick summary of install instructions"

My general plan at this time is to have my top priority on this howto
to be to mainly add very consice install instructions to Ch 1.

A secondary priority will be to add some descriptive & general
comments regarding the whole process, 1st in abbreviated form in
Ch 1, and then in more detailed form in the other chapters (which
currently mostly havent even had their sections created yet).

So many people sent me useful comments in reply to my 1st few questions
about what to put in the howto that
1) I haven't had time to get _those_ comments in yet,
2) I haven't even asked on the list about all the other kinds of sw
that could fill out the rest of the howto.

When I first started this I had a general idea of how it might be
written/structured.  Now there has occurred an actual specific structure.

Essentially, at present, most of the useful stuff in the howto is
being written as a _very_ consice set of _exactly_ specific install
instructions, with _very_ brief comments on each line, and sometimes
a short (1-8 line) description of relevant info set off by semicolons

So here is how (I suspect) you, and anyone on the list, might help 
out this howto at this time:

If: you email me & the list with a howto suggestion, 
for the Ch 1 Quick instructions section,
that is written in _almost exactly_ the style I have written 
that section in,
which I could copy & past into the howto without having to do hardly
any editing at all,
and it looks useful, consice, informative & error free,

I think I would be inclined to just copy & past your info there,
without having to take the time to do the 
"integration & consolidation of multiple suggestions" 
that I have been attempting to do in the small amount of time I could
acquire to devote to this effort.

I think you could definitely accomplish this, Jens, if you desired.
I thought your alsa info looked (at first glance) very useful.
Reviewing it now, I almost think I could just put it in verbatim.
One concern I have is re:

>> (have to get & compile kernel?)
>Not necessarily, you need the kernel sources of your current kernel 
>though (IIRC). Alsa will go into 2.5, so this won't be necessary any more 

Since 2.6 (the stable 2.5) doesn't look to be available in Debian
in the next few weeks (obviously, yes?), therefor people will _have to_
compile a kernel to get sound, - correct?
If so, I think I need to put in an entire section devoted to that topic.
Thus, the sound topic depends on a whole other section being put into
the howto.

I guess putting in your info would be a start. - One step at a time, 
that's the approach I'm taking here.

Ok, since you bothered to follow up, maybe I'll just put your
alsa stuff in there verbatim, without checking it. And then I can
refine it later, if necessary, as time permits.  Unless you wish to send 
me a rewrite in the style of Ch 1.

[One thing I am not doing now due to time constraints, is even _checking_ 
my mail folder to see who else sent me stuff related to the topic of your 
suggestions, let alone thinking how to integrate that stuff with your 
stuff to make a coherent whole.  That shall have to wait for the future.]

So, which do you prefer?  Want to edit your suggestion into the format I 
seem to have evolved for Ch 1?  Or, should I just put your last mail into 
the howto verbatim, with the proviso that it's pending possible editing, 
when I can make some time available to do that?

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