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Re: What's best quick fix for broken kde metapackage?

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 23:32, tluxt2@yahoo.com wrote:
> Thanks for your quick reply!  :)
> I've got a couple questions:


> > I will hopefully upload a new kdebase tomorrow (about 12hrs from now).
> > They have new packages in them so have to be manually overridden before
> > they can go in.  As I found out today it will cause some ugly breakage
> > so put kdelibs/kdebase on hold when they appear
> Are you saying that _you_ will put those on hold,
> or that persons doing an upgrade on their Sid systems should put those
> packages on hold?
> I suspect you mean the former.  But, if you mean the latter, how does one
> do that?
No he means you need to stick packages on hold. 

Looking at /doc/debian/FAQ/ch-pkg_basics.html shows:

There are two ways of holding back packages, with dpkg, or with dselect. 

With dpkg, you just have to export the list of package selections, with: 
     dpkg --get-selections > selections.txt

Then edit the resulting file selections.txt, change the line containing the 
package you wish to hold, e.g. libc6, from this: 
     libc6                                           install

to this: 
     libc6                                           hold

Save the file, and reload it into dpkg database with: 
     dpkg --set-selections < selections.txt

With dselect, you just have to enter the [S]elect screen, find the package 
you wish to hold in its present state, and press the `=' key (or `H'). The 
changes will go live immediately after you exit the [S]elect screen.

Earl F Hampton III

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